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The "Journey to the Land of Books" Reading Club

In the new 2023-2024 academic year, the Kalinka School will organize new optional classes for children aged 9 and older - the "Journey to the Land of Books" reading club.

What awaits the kids in our "Land of Books"? In the club, kids will read, listen, experience, draw, play, and discuss books from world children's literature together. They will become acquainted with whole works or their parts, complete creative tasks, answer questions, and learn to reflect on what they have read.

The goal of our club is to teach children to derive pleasure from reading books and conversations, to not be afraid to express their opinions, to listen to their friends' opinions, and to explore literature beyond the school curriculum.

In addition, members of the Book Club will learn to engage with books on a deeper level, develop their interests, and stimulate creative thinking.

The club's meeting schedule will be published separately.


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