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About us


The Kalinka School, leading school of complementary education in Luxembourg, was opened in February 2010.

As of today, mote than 200 pupils study at Kalinka, taught by 20 teachers. Starting from 2016, in addition to educational clubs for kids, classes in fine arts have been offered for adults.

Luxembourg Ministry of Education have helped to create Kalinka and still support it.

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the director and coordinator of the project, the school director and a true mastermind — Radishevskaia Anna.

Unlike companies offering private lessons and group Russian language courses, we have set the goal to organize a structured primary education which implies the teaching of general subjects, including music, singing, drama, etc.

We focus on awakening children’s interest in the Russian language, introducing the kids to the history and culture of Russia. At the same time, the children learn about the history, culture, folklore, geography and the way of life in Luxembourg, which helps them to better understand the Luxembourgish society and facilitates the integration process, especially for the newly arrived children.

Throughout a school day which usually includes 3 hours of general subjects and 1-3 hours of optional educational clubs of choice, and of course, during the breaks, children communicate in Russian with teachers and peers. It provides a complete immersion into the language and creates a positive emotional background which is essential for the successful completion of the program.

Attention! The Kalinka School is a Saturday school of complementary education. Kalinka is only open on Saturdays.

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