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Sprangpressessioun - Dancing Procession

Every year on the first Tuesday after Trinity, the Sprangpressessioun “Dancing Procession” takes place in the oldest city of Luxembourg, Esternach.

According to one legend, the history of this procession begins in 1347. Then the abbey and its surroundings were engulfed by an epidemic, and the residents of Esternach decided to organize a religious procession, believing that it would help stop its spread.

Nowadays, a procession consisting of pilgrims and musicians passes through the entire city, making a path about one and a half kilometers long and dancing in a special way. This dance is similar to jumping: step to the right and forward, step to the left and forward. At the same time, the procession participants stand in rows of 5-6 people, holding the ends of triangular scarves, and as soon as the music starts to sound, the procession begins to jump.

Every year the procession attracts thousands of pilgrims and spectators from Luxembourg and neighboring countries. And since 2010, the dancing procession has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.


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