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Children read about everything in the world

On May 18, the 2024 reading competition was held at the Kalinka school, which brought together talented children from the junior, middle and senior categories. The event was a real holiday for all participants and spectators; the children showed a high level of preparation and love for literature.

The young readers delighted the audience with their sincere and emotional performances.

As a result of the competition, the winners were:

Junior category:

First place was shared by Evgeniy Kodin and Aelis Ruzo.

Second place – Brown Flynn and Melania Horvath.

Third place – Alisa Kruteneva.

Brown Flynn won the People's Choice Award.

Middle category:

Anya Conors and Damir Miklin shared first place.

Second place – Valeria Leigle.

Third place – Maria Radicati.

Senior category:

First place – Sevastian Nahas.

Second place – Illarion Lotarev.

Third place – Isabella Indizio.

The Audience Award was shared between Anya Conors and Damir Miklin; here the opinions of the jury and the audience completely coincided.

Melania Horvath, Igor Fedotov and Dmitry Aevsky received special prizes from the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg.

We congratulate the winners and express our gratitude to all participants for their skill, artistry and sincerity. I would like to express special gratitude to the parents and teachers who supported the children and helped prepare for the competition.


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