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Video performance "Neznayka"

Another school year has come to an end!

The next, eleventh, academic year at the Kalinka school is coming to an end. It's time to take stock of the past year.

It was a very difficult year. Covid-19 restrictions had an effect: we had to keep our distance, wear masks, or even study online from home.

But, despite all the difficulties, our year was full of new discoveries. The children learned to read and write, sang, created, drew, played chess, danced and solved complex mathematical problems. And they also dreamed about space, discovered the wonderful world of finance and learned acting!

The pandemic prevented us from celebrating the school's 10th anniversary last year. Yes, and this year we were not able to gather students and parents for our traditional final concert!

But on the other hand, we prepared a gift for all the children and parents: we recorded a video performance about Neznayka and his journey to the country of Interesting Things!

Our students have worked really hard! We hope you enjoy!

Congratulations to all children and parents on the end of the school year! Have a good rest and new interesting discoveries!

See you again in the new school year!!!!!

The performance was attended by:

Dunno - Lazutchenkov Artem

Sineglazka - Guadalupi Eulalia

Znayka - Lafuri Ruslan

Tube - Makogon Philip

Guslya - Nakhas Sevastyan

Narrator - Chiaia Vita


Swifts, Nightingales, Tits, Larks, Siskins

Dance group led by Lyudmila Syrovatskaya


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