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To the birthday of Korney Chukovsky

March 31 - Korney Chukovsky's birthday.

Chukovsky became a children's poet and storyteller by accident. He had four children. His little son fell ill, the boy was naughty and cried. To somehow entertain him, his father began to compose a fairy tale for him:

" Жил да был крокодил,

Он по улицам ходил..."

"Once upon a time there was a crocodile,

He walked the streets..."

With Korolki we made an unusual literary "journey" at the lesson, remembered the heroes of fairy tales and poems, got acquainted with the famous fairy tales creation history. The Chukovsky's work connoisseurs competition was held in the form of a quest game.

We wish all children and their parents a joyful vacation filled with fun games and reading their favorite books!


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