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September 17 - the first school day at Kalinka school!

Dear children and parents!

We already know someone, and someone will come to our school for the first time this year! We welcome everyone, and for each, even the smallest, student, we have prepared many discoveries, surprises and activities - everything that is simply and briefly called in one word - knowledge.

For kids, the first school year is perhaps the most important when the tone for all subsequent learning is set, so our teachers, transferring knowledge and skills, will do everything to make your child fall in love with learning and to make it be seen not so much as teaching, but as an opportunity to learn a lot of new things and learn something interesting.

For our elder students, the new academic year is another step on the way to an already close independent life. They know and can do a lot, but now the support in finding their place in life is very important for them.

Communication with other Russian-speaking children will help to complete the picture of the world that is emerging in them.

We wish this academic year to be even more successful and prosperous for all families, and the Kalinka school staff will make every effort to make it interesting and memorable.


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