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Introduction to modern children's literature in Russian

On November 18, Yulia Utochkina, founder and chairman of the association of lovers of Russian-language children's literature "Bukovka" from Paris, and Valentina Chepiga, teacher at the Higher School of Translation in Strasbourg, director of the Collections bilingues of the Vibrations publishing house, translator and children's writer, visited Kalinka.< /p>

The guests conducted two lessons on the topics “Such different animals” and “Boys and girls.”

Children from the Sinitsa and Zhavoronka classes read at home a fairy tale about animals “Blue Forest” by N. Kulik and at the meeting they happily answered questions, showed illustrations to the fairy tale, and thought about why stories and tales about animals are most interesting for children. Valentina Chepiga read her humorous poems about different animals to the children. Then the students looked at the numbers of the literary almanac “Cricket”, the books “Gatherings at the Cricket”, “Magpie-Crow, Madame Tartlet and Merry Company”.

At the lesson “Boys and Girls,” Chizhi’s group shared their thoughts on what they could imagine when they heard the combination “boys and girls.” The children read with interest excerpts from the story “Parallel Petka” and discussed the actions of the heroes. And to laugh, we read Boris Weiner’s poem “School Serenade.”

The meeting of our guys with the guests, despite the gray rainy day, was cheerful and even funny!


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