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Chess tournament in Kalinka

Shortly before the end of the academic year, a chess tournament was held in Kalinka.

Stefania Lobanova won in the senior group. She confidently played all the games, and, having won 3 games in the final part of the tournament, she won ahead of schedule.

2nd place in this group deservedly received Kobzar William. He has the same number of points in the final as Stefania, but the result of the meetings between them is in favor of Stefania. Sharlapaev Biasar took the 3rd place, he, despite his young age, has been performing effectively at all school tournaments for a long time.

The most exciting battles this time unfolded in the middle group. Here, players of approximately the same level were selected and no one could predict the top three winners. As a result, I had to play qualifying games, and then choose the four strongest and compete for prizes between them. As a result of a stubborn struggle, 1st place was taken by Peter Montevechi.

He didn't lose a single game. And during the dramatic final in the game against Gradon, Dylan showed the will to win under difficult conditions and won. Gradon Dylan took an honorable 2nd place, he went undefeated to the final and only lost in the final. 3rd place was rightfully taken by Abbas Milana. Milana attends the circle for the first year, but she plays very competently and always thinks over her moves well. 3rd place is a big achievement for her.

In the younger group, due to the large number of participants, summing up was carried out according to a mixed system. As a result of the first games, several leaders immediately emerged. 1st place was taken by Eric Leontiev. 2nd place at the newcomer of our circle Belozerova Aglaya. She is playing in a tournament for the first time, but the girl is passionate about chess, she plays calmly and confidently and, as a result, 4 wins and a prize in the tournament. 3rd place was awarded to two participants Vasiliev Rodion and Volkova Margarita. They fought stubbornly, have 3 victories in games, tried very hard to win and showed all their skills.

All winners of the tournaments were awarded with diplomas, souvenirs and valuable prizes.

We sincerely wish all participants success in learning the secrets of this exciting and useful game.


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