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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Maslenitsa is a pagan holiday that symbolized the transition of winter into spring. Similar to carnival in Europe. Maslenitsa is akin to Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday".

During the festivities, people performed rituals that, they believed, contributed to the "death" of winter and helped to get great harvest. Over time, the traditions have changed and turned into mass festivities. Icy slides were built on Maslenitsa, horseback riding, and snow towns were built. Young boys and girls were allowed to behave a little more freely - to sing love songs, to walk.

Maslenitsa was also called a scarecrow made of straw, dressed in women's clothing. In the first days of the holiday, he was “greeted”, rode with him on a sleigh, coaxed, and on the last day they were burned at the stake and buried. Sometimes the ashes were buried in the fields - this promised a rich harvest.

Last Saturday, the children in Kalinka also celebrated Maslenitsa: they sang, played round dances, played spoons, had fun playing tug of war and playing trickle. And, of course, we enjoyed delicious and fragrant pancakes!


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