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The final concert "Seasons in Luxembourg"

On June 17th, a concert took place featuring students from the middle and senior categories titled "Seasons in Luxembourg."

The audience once again had the opportunity to witness that Luxembourg, despite being a small country, is truly great with a rich history and fascinating traditions. We experienced all the seasons, becoming participants in all Luxembourgish holidays, from Saint Nicholas to the national holiday. We heard traditional songs translated into Russian by students, teachers, and the school director. We saw a jumping procession, a sheep march, a folk dance in national costumes, heard poems by Luxembourgish poets in Russian, and did not forget the traditional bird-shaped whistles.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in preparing the concert - the children, teachers, and parents! A tremendous, very important, and interesting job has been done, aimed at introducing us to the culture and traditions of the Grand Duchy.


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