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Literature Cuisine

On the eve of the holidays, our teachers Govorova Tatyana and Kisula Ekaterina offered the children of the senior category an unusual creative lesson "Literature Cuisine", which consisted of two parts: gastronomic images in the work of Russian writers (L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, I. Babel, N. Gogol) and master class on working with the dough.

In the first part of the lesson, the children read excerpts from the works of great writers, listened to audio texts, and participated in didactic games. On the basis of texts and audio recordings, they practiced morphemics, phonetics, culture of speech, and vocabulary.

The children plunged into the historical past associated with the appearance of certain dishes, touched on European cuisine.

The practical part of the lesson was fun: we got acquainted with three types of dough, learned how to roll out cakes, make shapes, sculpt dumplings ... and with delight, and some surprise, we saw and appreciated the result of our work - the output is four dishes:

potato dumplings

dumplings with cabbage

lazy cottage cheese dumplings

and the famous Poltava dumplings!

Everyone was full and happy!


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