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The visit of Elena Borisovna Ageeva

On November 20, our school was visited by Elena Borisovna Ageeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogics, child psychologist, speech therapist of the highest category, author of the Primer for the Smart Girl and manuals “I Read. Think. I’m talking”, which our little students are engaged in.

In "Kalinka" Elena Borisovna attended classes of alphabetic and post-primary groups, conducted fragments of lessons in ten groups and a final consultation for teachers. Such an extraordinary format for improving pedagogical qualifications within the framework of one day turned out to be very capacious and useful.

The next day, November 21, the specialist advised the parents of our children on the issues of defectology.

Feedback from teachers:

Olga Ponomareva:

“Elena Ageeva is an experienced teacher. She created a successful primer and copybook. My kids and I love working with them! Thank you for coming and taking the time for each teacher, helping, correcting, and giving valuable advice.”

Svetlana Ananyeva:

“It was very interesting and useful for me to meet Elena Borisovna Ageeva, the author of the textbooks we are working on. We got a unique opportunity to see how the author presents his material to children, what points should be paid attention to when teaching reading and writing. During the fragments of the lessons Ageeva E.B. teachers were able to take a fresh look at their students from the outside, to take out for themselves useful techniques and methods of work in the classroom.

Olga Korzhenevskaya:

“I am a new teacher at the school, and I am glad to have the opportunity to look at the lessons of Elena Ageeva, get advice and recommendations regarding my work. Such meetings are important for improving professional skills and developing pedagogical competence.”

Victoria Kurmyshenkova:

“I am a new teacher at the Kalinka school. I think that such meetings are very important for professional growth. I am very grateful to everyone for the opportunity. A teacher is really a student who never stops learning. It was very interesting for me to learn from Elena Borisovna.

Anastasia Goldwasser

“In the methodology of Elena Borisovna, I am attracted by a systematic approach to the intellectual development of the child. Teaching reading and writing is an extremely delicate and precise work, especially since we are dealing with the maturing brain of a 5-6 year old child, which requires special attention. Elena Ageeva at the lessons practically showed the intricacies of teaching oral and written speech in a group, demonstrated additional techniques that were not included in the methodological video courses. It was very interesting to watch how Elena Borisovna makes contact with the children whom she sees for the first time, how she accurately determines their mood and changes the type of activity in the group, taking into account this mood.

Parent feedback:

“The meeting with Elena Borisovna was very useful. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with a professional"

“My child really needs specialist help. We, the parents, are very glad that we got an appointment with Elena Borisovna. Many thanks to Kalinka for this unique opportunity.”


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