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Interview with Anna Radishevskaya, Director of Kalinka School, August 18, 2023

On the radio show "Ara Russia for Peace," the director of the Kalinka School, Anna Grigoryevna Radishevskaya, is a guest.

The interview traditionally takes place in the summer to review the results of the academic year and share future plans.

And, as always, there is a lot of news from the school:

🔹 First and foremost, enrollment for the next year has already been completed, and it is quite likely that students will be studying in three shifts.

🔹 New clubs have been added, including a Theater Studio.

🔹 The project "Once Upon a Time in Luxembourg" continues - it involves excursions to the most interesting places in the Grand Duchy. The Ukrainian community actively participates in this project.

🔹 Finally, full-fledged year-end concerts were held - for the past two years, due to the pandemic, there was no opportunity to properly celebrate the end of the academic year.

You can listen to the radio live on Radio Ara 102.9 and 105.2 FM or on the website every third Friday of the month at 13:30 (14:30 Moscow time).


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