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Theatre studio "Igra" enrollment

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Dear children and parents!

Kalinka School launches the theatre project "Igra"!

As you know, the theater is one of the most effective means in the study of language and culture. The new theater troupe will be selected from those who are truly eager to play on stage. For selection, the candidate must prepare a short presentation in the form of a recitation of a poem or an excerpt from prose in Russian. Expressiveness, dynamism, discipline and love for the stage are the main selection criteria.

The theater studio "Igra" will be engaged in staging works not only by Russian writers, but also by European ones, including Luxembourgish, as it will become the part of the project "Once Upon a Time There Was Luxembourg".

The artistic director of the studio "Igra" is Ekaterina Gruzova.

Gruzova Ekaterina has been playing in the Italian theater Teatrolingua for many years, the performances of which are included in the main repertoire of the Luxembourg theater of the Neumünster Abbey. Catherine started with small roles, but after many years on stage she began to play the main roles in the performances of Italian classics, such as The Love for Three Oranges by Carlo Gozzi, Mandragora by Niccolo Machiavelli, etc. Every year, Catherine goes on tour with the theater in European cities where she takes the stage and pleases the audience with her play.

The age of the participants is not limited.

Participation is FREE

The selection will take place on September 24 at 14:00 at the Kalinka school at 19 Rue Guillaume Schneider, 2522 Luxembourg

Applications for listening should be sent to the email address


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