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The reading competition "Spring drops"

On Saturday, March 4, the school hosted the reading competition "Spring drops". It was attended by the best performers from each class. Participants were divided into junior (4-5 years old), middle (6-8 years old) and senior (10-16 years old) categories.

The jury members evaluated the knowledge of the text, the intonational expressiveness of speech, the use of expressive means of the theater, the emotionality of the performance.

All participants of the competition seriously prepared, brilliantly performed, demonstrating their skills and originality of performance.

When summing up the jury had a hard time. After a long discussion, the jury announced the results. All participants received certificates and memorable gifts.

We congratulate and thank all the children for participating in the reading competition, for their great work and talent, as well as parents and teachers for their contribution to the preparation of the competition!

Competition results:

Junior category

1st place - Kruteneva Maria

2nd place - Yampolsky David and Ruzo Aelis

3rd place - Khutornaya Maria, Kruteneva Alis, Brown Flynn and Nabiullina Arina

Middle category

1st place - Anya Zhivago

2nd place - Alisa Kalimulina and Natalia Sazanova

3rd place - Ivanova Yesenia and Fedotov Igor

Senior category

1st place - Ksenia Kuptsova

2nd place - Valeria Golovkina, Kirill Korzhenevsky and Nikolai Ding

3rd place - Schmit Sophie


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