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The final concert - Luxembourg Wonderland Park

On June 17th, an enchanting journey to the Luxembourg Wonderland Park took place! And it was our little students who created wonders there.

With the dawn, a gentle breeze carrying mischievous clouds entered the park, accompanied by the chirping of birds. The playful raindrops tapped so loudly that they woke up the main resident of the park - the fairy Gnome, who warmly welcomed our heroes and led them to the most amazing places.

We found ourselves in a magical park where the bravest creatures were cheerful bunnies, who knew how to be friends with foxes and even the toothy wolf! The little goats played spoons and taught everyone the wisdom of singing songs and being brave, for whoever sings songs always has a wolf by their side!

During our walk, we also ventured into Africa and met real singing turtles and adorable lion cubs, as well as elephants, giraffes, tigers, zebras, and many other animals!

Amidst the African diversity and fun, the cheerful friends of our main hero, Gnome, suddenly appeared - Snow White and the gnomes in bright hats and gloves. We tried to count them but couldn't keep up with their fast dance and song. Then we met the characters from the "Little Red Riding Hood" fairy tale, who marched towards new adventures and sang about the importance of being open to everything new!

We hope that our journey through this small country - the wonderful fairyland park - was enjoyed by both children and adults alike! And the adventures of the kids will continue in the next academic year!


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