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Nature Museum Visit

On Saturday, May 6, our youngest students - Skvorcy and Vorobyi - went on an excursion to the Museum of Nature.

The excursion itself is already a vivid impression for the children, but the preparation for it was no less important and interesting. The museum is a new territory, it has its own rules and regulations, there are other children and adults there, it was necessary to learn how to interact with all this. The museum staff told how to behave and shared interesting factors, the teachers talked about the exposition in each of the exhibition halls, and the children examined the exhibits, asked questions, shared the most interesting finds with each other, did not miss a single interactive stand, pressed all the buttons, that you could click on, found a nest of bats in a cave, raised a dinosaur from a small cage, asked dozens of times “Who is this?” and decided that the museum definitely needs to be visited again.


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