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Museum Day

March 25 at Kalinka school was an unusual school day. Classes were held in museums. The museum is a place for non-formal learning: the child does not just sit at a desk, but meets the object of study face to face, can see it from all sides.

Our Vorobyi held a musical research session at the Tram Museum. It was very informative and interesting, the guys plunged into the history of the creation of the first wheeled transport, saw the mechanisms of the engines live, were surprised and admired, sang songs, rejoiced and really visited the passengers, drivers and machinists of retro transport.

And Korolki class pupils visited the Museum of Nature and Natural History in Luxembourg.

The children enthusiastically looked at rocks and fossils, watched videos about the origin of life on our planet, listened to teachers' stories about human evolution, the interaction of all life on Earth and discovered the bright galactic world.

Children plunged into the animal world and were amazed by its diversity and beauty, saw stuffed animals in real size, estimated the size of the eagle. They also talked about how important it is to protect and not litter nature, and thought about what will happen if we do not protect and protect our planet from garbage.

At the end of the tour, the children received creative assignments, where they tested their knowledge of migratory birds and forest animals, learned that the Korolyok bird is not only the name of our classes in the junior category, but also the symbol of Luxembourg.

The pupils from the classes Malinovki and Solovyi visited the museum of the city of Luxembourg, called the City Museum. The children had the opportunity to travel a little in time, from the founding of the city by Siegfried in 963 to the present day.

Wonderful exhibits, many of which are interactive, helped to see the development of the city through the centuries. The modern glass elevator also fascinated our students.

On this day, we were lucky with the weather and thus could enjoy the breathtaking view from the observation deck of the museum.


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