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Kids' New Year's adventures

A New Year's report about how Santa Klaus' sleigh broke down, and a real New Year's adventure happened at Kalinka's school!

Due to a breakdown, Santa Claus could not find his way, and then the kids picked up musical bells and sang a magical song, to which the sleigh brought Santa Claus directly to Kalinka for the holiday 🎅

Santa Claus set off with the guys on a journey on a New Year's steam locomotive. 🚂 But as soon as everyone exhaled calmly, it turned out that on the Luxembourg turns, a snowman fell apart in parts and mixed with a decorated Christmas tree, but our smart kids quickly put everything in its place and decorated them even better!

And how many funny songs, poems, dances, games! We were either frozen or warmed by the warmth and comfort of the atmosphere of our holiday!

And everyone understood how important it is to be kind and do good deeds, because that's when miracles begin to happen!


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