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Kids in the Museum of Nature

Before the holidays, our Sparrows visited the Museum of Nature and Natural History.

At the entrance they were greeted by a small hedgehog, to whom the children sang a song with elements of finger gymnastics.

Then they approached the big, handsome albatross, were surprised at his large size, and sang to him about the sea and fish, which he loved very much.

And then something amazing happened!

The children suddenly found themselves in space among the stars!

We took a ride on a musical rocket and tried on the role of stars.

Step by step the kids learned a lot of new and interesting things. We observed the life of the ants and their labour.

We looked into the hollow where the bats were hiding.

We got acquainted with the structure of the human body.

We learned how bees pollinate flowers.

We played with electronic devices, thanks to which you can see various natural phenomena and experiment.

The kids learned a lot this day!


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