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Innovation in Language Learning

Our school took part in one of the largest international conferences held in Florence on November 11-12, 2021 "Innovation in Language Learning". Our RFL teacher Ekaterina Gruzova presented a report on the topic "Family Video Language Teaching: Engaging Children in Educational Process - Saving Kids from Screens", and also acted as a moderator of the section dedicated to CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Gruzova Ekaterina spoke about her author's video project Rainbow Russian Language course for adults and children, namely about involving children in professional projects of parents. Such activities lead children to voluntary improvement, to improvement of physical form, and consequently to better indicators in development, as well as to creative take-off. In addition, working in a professional project side by side with mom or dad strengthens the emotional and psychological bond between the child and the parent, and most importantly, cultivates in the child a sense of self-respect, which immediately affects other levels of communication related to school, friends, and even personal area. The child begins to evaluate himself as a person who can be useful, a necessary assistant for teaching other people.

The report can be read at the link on page 134


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